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Black Knight: Number of Mortgages in Forbearance Declines

This data is as of November 9th.

From Andy Walden at Black Knight: Mortgage Loans in Forbearance Drop Below 2% Entering November
Forbearance plan exit volumes increased week-over-week heading into November as the share of mortgage loans in forbearance fell below 2% for the first time since the early stages of the pandemic.

According to our McDash Flash daily mortgage performance dataset, the number of loans in active forbearance fell 123,000 (-10.8%). The week’s strongest declines were among loans held in bank portfolios and private label securities, which recorded a reduction of 59,000 (-15.9%). FHA/VA plans also showed significant improvement, declining by 48,000 (-11.3), while GSE loans in forbearance plans decreased by 16,000 (-4.8%).

As of November 9, 1.01 million mortgage holders remain in COVID-19 related forbearance plans, representing 1.9% of all active mortgages, including 1.2% of GSE, 3.1% of FHA/VA and 2.4% of portfolio/PLS loans.

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Nearly 300,000 borrowers have left their plans over the past two weeks down from 455,000 over the same two-week period last month as we hit the downslope of exit activity. That said, more than 250,000 plans are still listed with October/November reviews for extension/removal. Half of those are expected to reach final expiration, which could lead to continued improvement, albeit at a slower pace, in the weeks ahead.

Plan entries were down 9% from a week ago, logging one of the lowest weeks in terms of new entries since the onset of the pandemic.
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